What to Grow in Winter?


Some of the plants that can be growing during the winter period include kale, carrots, radish, lettuce and Swiss chard. These plants are not susceptible to frost, and whatever the choice of winter crops, they will often need more water than usual. Tropical fruits can also be grown in winter but additional heating may be necessary.
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1. Plant turnips 70 to 80 days before the first frost in your area for a fall and winter harvest. The plants must grow and mature before the ground freezes in early winter. Stagger
1 Choose varieties based on your climate and the space you have available. If you have a long warm season you can grow almost anything; if it's shorter make sure to pick early-ripening
indoor plants.
deciduous trees.
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Trees do not grow in winter because this is the period when they are dormant. The conditions during this season are not suitable for growth. As such, the plant ...
There are several types of winter plants that grow in the winter, Christmas rose, Forsyhia shrubs, Witch Hazel, Hellebores, Lilly of the Valley and Flowering Quince ...
1. Start your impatiens indoors. Fill your seed flats with moist potting soil, then sprinkle in the impatiens seeds and lightly press them down. You don't need ...
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