What are the Types of Biomes?


There are six types of biomes on Earth. A biome is a type of ecosystem, with characteristic specific to that region. The types of biomes are tundra, grassland, freshwater, marine, desert and forest. For more information look here:
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These desert biomes are so hot that even when it rains, which is rarely, the rain can evaporate before it reaches the ground. The Sahara, inland Australia and the United States' Mojave
Temperate Deciduous.
Georgia would be in the Deciduous Forest Biome. Happy to help,
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A biome is often also referred to as an ecosystem. It consists of a large geographical area that contains similar and specific types of plants and animals, along ...
Georgia's biome is the Deciduous Forest Biome. In this biome, there are various trees from oaks to sweet gum trees. The average temperature of deciduous forest ...
Biomes are defined as the communities of the world as classified by the vegetation and wildlife inhabiting the area. There are 6 biomes in the world. These biomes ...
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