What Type of Money Does England Use?


Sterling Pound The Sterling Pound comes in both coin and paper. One pound can be divided into 100 pence, just like the American dollar can be divided into 100 pennies. Slang The common name for the Sterling Pound is the pound. Some people will also
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What Type of Money Does England Use?
In England you will find the British use a currency system called the Sterling Pound. British currency is incredibly similar to American money, even if it does not convert exactly from dollar to pound. Over the years with the current economic turmoil,... More »
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Pounds and pence.
England has a very strong economy, being called a mixed market economy. It's economy is a large one as compared to the rest of the world, and they enjoy a high GDP per capita. For
The British currency is the pound sterling. Current coins are:1 penny, 2
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