What was Neptune's spear called?


Neptune, the Roman God of the sea, carried a spear called a trident. Neptune is most commonly depicted standing with his trident in his right hand. The trident was said to have magical powers, which he used to manipulate the sea.

Neptune is not only the God of the sea, but he is also the patron of horse racing. Roman mythology states that Neptune produced a horse from his trident, which was one of the ways that chariot racing began. To represent this feat in mythology, Neptune's symbols include both his trident, which looks like a three-pronged spear, and a horse.

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Either a trident or in Zelda the video game it is called Neptunes Sword of Fiery Damnation. hope this helped. Chimp (
According to Wikipedia [1]: The official mission code name was Operation Neptune Spear. Neptune's spear is the trident, which appears on Navy Special Warfare insignia, with the three
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i didn't read it( and never will) but I'm fairly certain that the Romans used Drachma in real life. but don't hold me to that for the story money, some things have been and will probably
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