When can confidentiality be broken?


if it involves a crime or if you suspect someone could get hurt, by all means break the confidence, you may have saved someone pain or even saved someone's life.
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1. When the patient is deceased. 2. When there is a warrant. 3. When the patient is harmful to themselves (I.E. Threatening suicide, ect. 4. When the patient is threatening towards
HIPAA (not HIPPA) is for medical information, and this doesn't seem to be about medical information. There may, however, be an OH state physicial-patient evidentiary privilege that's
They are most probably funded by Social services, or the Council, phone them and ask who funds them to start with. There is most probably a clause that says that have to report things
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The basic decision in the Tarasoff case was confidentiality. The conclusion of the case was that the confidentiality needed to be broken when a client threatens ...
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