When did T rex become extinct?


Most dinosaurs, including tyranosaurus rex, died off about 65 million years ago. Most life on Earth ended 65-66 million years ago during what is called the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event. There is substantial scientific evidence of  an
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Tyrannosaurus meaning "tyrant lizard" because of its size and large teeth and claws (Greek tyrannos = "tyrant" + sauros = "lizard"; Latin rex = "king"), also known colloquially as T. rex and "The King of the Dinosaurs", was... More »
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The T-Rex went extinct during the K-T mass extinction, about 65 million
How did dinosaurs become extinct? Why aren't dinosaurs roaming the Earth with us today? No one really knows the answer to these questions, but you can explain the theories currently
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