When do feet stop growing?


The standard age at which an adult's feet stop growing is a few years after adolescence, or around 21, according to the Maine Senior Guide. However, a few factors may necessitate that an adult wear a larger shoe size later in life.

Pregnant women often need to wear slightly larger shoes during pregnancy because their feet swell. In fact, any significant weight gain during adult life can lead to swelling of the feet. It is possible to regain a previous foot size after significant weight loss as well. Flattening of feet over time may lead to a need for wider shoes.

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OK, well you can't REALLY stop your feet from growing. However in China many years ago the woman used to make their feet small by bounding them. This is where they tape there feet
A woman's feet stop growing with the rest of her body around 20 years old. Keep
I don't think your period has much to do with it. They'll just stop growing when they stop growing. Try looking at different stores.I suggest one that sells only shoes.That way you'll
They do, but really not much. I'd say 1 size, or half a centimeter. Source(s): http://www.maleshoesize.com
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