When Do Kittens Stop Growing?


Kittens need to be on a growth or kitten formula type of food that provides calories, for them to use as energy, allowing them to grow at a normal rate. They stop growing and enter adulthood between 8 and 12 months of age. They continue to gain weight after their bones stop growing.
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Kittens will have most of their growing done by eight to twelve months old. Male cats are known to 'fill out' a tad more during their first year or second year.
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They need their first shots at 6 weeks, with a booster at 10 weeks. Rabies can be given as early as 3 months, and the feline leukemia should be given yearly.
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It's difficult to say because most kittens like to chew on things regardless of their age. However, most kittens teethe around four to eight months of age.
At a month the teeth begin to grow. This is a baby set which will be shed and
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