What is a Line Graph?


It is a type of graph that is most useful in displaying data that changes continuously. The variables are plotted along an axis to compare two variables. You can create one in Excel!
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1. Measure the original image with your ruler. Note the length and width. Decide how large you want each box on your graph to be. One-inch-by-one-inch is a good starting point. 2.
The line graph was invented by Rene Descartes. Descartes is noted for being proficient in French philosophy, mathematics and physics. I'm not sure if Rene was a male or female though
1 Graph a regular line. Ad 2 Shift it along the y-axis. 3 Move the points on the first line equal distance up or down. Do not shift the points left or right. Ad
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Given that line graphs help to track changes for different periods of time, you would use a line graph when you were wanting to have more accurate results to see ...
A line graph is usually used when showing amounts of money over a period of time, or even in general use like how much weight you have lost over a period of time ...
A line graph is a kind of graph where point are connected using a line and this shows relationship between two variables. It is advantageous to use a line graph ...
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