When is the rainy season in Cuba?


The rainy season in Cuba is from November to April. The weather in Cuba is worst during the hurricane season which occurs between June and November. This weather in Cuba brings winds of up to 250km per hour.
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Cuba has two very definite seasons: the rainy season (from May to October) and the dry season (from November to April). Cuba has an average temperature from about 29C and 84.2F degrees.
The rainy season in Caribbean Island of Cuba runs from May to October. The island has an average temperature of 29 degrees Centigrade and is a popular tourist destination due to the warm weather all year round.
The rainy season in Cuba is usually between May and November. Cuba has a tropical climate with no extreme temperatures since it is gets the gentle breezes of the trade winds. The mean temperature of the coastal water is 25 degrees Celsius in winter and 28 degrees Celsius in summer.
The rainy season in Cuba starts from June till November. Rain usually falls for two hours a day and the place is normally very humid during this time.
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