Who Discovered Cesium?


Cesium was discovered in 1860 by German chemists Robert Wilhelm and Gustav Kirchoff. It is classified as a metal. The symbol is Cs and the atomic number is 55. It has the second lowest melting point of all the metallic elements which severely
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Cesium was discovered in 1860.
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cesium was discovered by using the spectrophotometer to look at the lines identifying elements in Durkheim mineral water.
Cesium was discovered by Robert Wilhelm Bunsen and Gustav Robert Kirchoff, German chemists, in
In 1860, Gustav Kirchhoff and Robert Bunsen discovered nonradioactive cesium in mineral water in Germany. Radioactive cesium-137, and many other radionuclides that are used in nuclear
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In 1860, Cesium was discovered by Gustav Kirchhoff and Robert Bunsen. Cesium can be found on the periodic table under the symbol Cs. It has an atomic number of ...
Cesium has an atomic number of 55, which means that it contains 55 electrons in each atom. Discovered by two German chemists, Cesium is a very soft metal that ...
The element cesium has 78 neutrons. It also has 55 protons and electrons. Cesium is an alkali metal which was first discovered in 1860 by Fustov Kirchoff. ...
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