Where Can I Make an Image Url?


Image URL are made at any coding websites. Image websites like photo bucket, Flickr and others offer url for any picture you upload. Other websites like Facebook also give url for pictures and images posted.
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How to Get an Image URL
In the age of the digital camera, it's only natural to want to share your photos with as many people as you can. In addition to emailing favorite photos and adding images to websites, it's also fun to post photos on social networking websites like... More »
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To display a URL image in HTML, use the img tag and the src attribute. If the image is not in your website, write the entire URL out after src=. An example outside your website might
1. Upload your photos to Photobucket. It takes a few moments to set up an account at this image hosting site, and then you can start uploading your pictures. Photobucket assigns each
A image's link or the website where you found the image.
The access control is on who can find the urls in the first place. Once you can see a photo on the web you can copy and paste the image itself into an email to your friends regardless
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