Old Magazines to Sell?


Garage sales are the best ways of getting money from old magazines. You can also sell the magazines online on the 'old magazines' websites or on eBay.
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You can sell old magazines in a yard sale, at the flea market, on Craigslist, or you can even list them on Ebay. Your best bet is probably going to be to sell them in a yard sale unless they are collectibles. You can find more info at: www.craigslist.org
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1. Visit an antique appraisal shop to get an appraisal of your old magazine to ensure that you don't price it too low when you are selling. If you are unable to get an appraisal from
1. Make sure it is legal to sell in your state/country. Some places won't allow selling to people door-to-door. Ask a local official if it's OK. Ad. 2. Have the magazines in good
A newsagent, newsagency, magazine shop/store/vendor or newspaper shop/store/vendor.
Printing a publication is shockingly difficult, expensive, labor intensive and has a minuscule profit margin. A print magazine would be old news before it got off the presses. In
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