Where Did the Harp Originate?


The harp, which has a neck, resonator, and strings, is a multi-stringed instrument that has the plane of its strings positioned perpendicularly to the soundboard. Historians and archaeologists confirmed the use of harps by the ancient Persians and Egyptian.
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From what I understand, the oldest harps, or records of harps came from what is now known as India. Although there are some who think that the harp was invented in the boundaries of ancient Greece.
It is thought that the harp might have come from ancient Egypt or Europe. Many scientists believe that the harp may have evolved from the hunter's bow and strings.
The oldest harp found is from ancient Egypt from around 4000BC, so it may have come from there, but as this pre-dates records, no one can say for certain.
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It originally came from Persia (Iran)
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The harp originated in Egypt but the Lap Harp originated in France when The harp was invented by the ancient assyrians som 2000 years BC in Sumer. The oldest harps found thus far
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