What is a Bumble Bee?


A bumble bee is a type of bee that is bigger than most of the other insects classified as a bee. Bumble bees are more humble than most other bees. Bumble bees are kind of fuzzy. They are bright yellow with black strips. The bumble bee is unmistakable
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1. Locate the nest. Bumble bees have a biological connection to their colony, and they will return there several times a day to feed the queen. Watch for bumble bees around your yard
1. Chop up the dates, nuts, raisins and ginger into small pieces. Put into a mixing bowl. 2. Add the sultanas and coconut. Pour in the condensed milk and mix all together well. 3.
"Flight of the Bumblebee" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov was written in 1900
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A bumble bee is a black and yellow insect that lives in a nest. It is common to see a bumble bee nest between spring and fall. The queen comes out of hibernation ...
For honey bees the only duty the queen has is to lay eggs. For other bees, such as bumble bees, when a queen comes out of hibernation she has to do everything ...
A bumble bee refers to any member of the bee species within the Bombus genus, which are predominant to Northern hemisphere and New Zealand. It further refers to ...
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