Where Do Nits Come from?


Nits or head lice came from the hair of Egyptian mummies a million years ago. They do not come from the air or the ground since they are human parasites who feed on blood and travel from one host to another.
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Moths are creatures that live on the undersides of plants and often live on the barks of trees. They usually hide themselves during the day time.
The current theory about elements and their creation is the Big Ban Theory. It is believed that most hydrogen and helium elements were created soon after the Big Bang.
Lice or nits are spread from person to person by contact. Lice do not jump or fly. There is no way to say where lice originated from, but you can be assured that you got them from
Well, my spiders come up from the basement. Yikes! All spiders originally come from eggs. The spiders you find in your house not like the ones you find in your garden or yard. House
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