Where Does My Computer Save Web Pages I Visited?


A browser saves the user's Web history. Browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer allow the user to search her browsing history or view pages.
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Where Does My Computer Save Web Pages I Visited?
Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome, save the Web pages and documents that a user has recently accessed. Some users will find this useful to quickly recall websites that interest them.... More »
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1. Click the Favorites button (Favorites Center button in IE 7) which has a yellow star on it, and then click “History.”. 2. Scroll through the list of visited websites,
If there's a video from a web page that you'd just GOT to have on your home computer, you can download it. Unfortunately, websites don't make it very easy to do. A program called
that is in the temporary files folder.
1. Download. Mozilla Firefox. or use Internet Explorer. 2. Find the page you wish to save, for example, the page you are currently reading. 3. Go to Settings, then USB mode on your
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To find what websites have been visited on a computer, you look at something called History. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox have History right on their menus ...
One can track the websites visited on your computer by checking the 'history' from your web browser. You can go to the tools section of your browser and search ...
1. Open the "History" menu at the top of the browser window. Click "Show All History. This will open the "Library" menu in a new window. ...
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