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BBC iPlayer is available in computers, home media hubs, portable media players, TV, mobile phones, tablet devices and games consoles. You can get the instructions on how to access BBC iPlayer at the BBC website. First time users will need to install the BBC iPlayer software by following simple instructions.
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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster that operates under a Royal Charter. It is the largest broadcaster in the world.
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A BBC iPlayer is an internet television and a radio service developed by BBC to extend its former RealPlayer-based and other streamed video clip content to include whole TV shows. There are two known ways that you can use it by either down loading the programme, store it on your computer or by watching it online.
To get a BBC Iplayer, first install the BBC iPlayer desktop software which will enable one to download it from the BBC website. This is possible for models such as Computers, Games Consoles, and Mobile Phones that are supported by BBC iPlayer. The BBC iPlayer is a service that enables people to watch and listen to BBC TV and Radio programmes.
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If you get a grey screen, it could be that iPlayer is being blocked by your firewall. Disable the security program temporarily to see if that fixes the problem ...
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