What organelle in the animal cell is involved in exocytosis?


Golgi Complex.
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Cells are the structural and functional units of all living organisms. Some organisms, such as bacteria, are unicellular, consisting of a single cell. Other organisms, such as humans, are multicellular, or have many cells—an estimated 100,000,000,000,000 cells... More »
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Golgi Body. It's essentially the processing center of the cell. Products enter through the Cis end and exit through the Trans end in vesicles. The inside of the vesicles have the
Animal cells typically have a pair of centrioles
you can find the following in plant cellsbut not animal cells: cell wall chloroplasts
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Animals have cells in there biology and an organelle is a portion of the cell that has a special functions. One thing about organelles is that they are enclosed ...
Animal cells contain many different organelles. These organelles work together as a unit to form the tissues. Some of the organelles within the animal cells include ...
An organelle is a particular subunit within a cell that has a definite function and is usually separately bounded within its own phospholipid bilayer. The fourteen ...
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