Which Type of Blood Vessel Holds the Greatest Volume of Blood?


The type of blood vessel that holds the greatest volume of blood is the veins. The smallest of the blood vessels are the capillaries. They hold approximately 5% of the blood volume at any given time.
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The majority of blood volume is in the venous system.
The largest vein in the human body is the inferior
Oh, this is so hard. It's confusing. Arteries are the largest of the blood vessels in the body and hold the most volume, but they don't act as a reservoir because the blood is always
Arteries are strong, resilient, flexible blood vessels carry blood away from the heart & have the topmost blood pressure. Veins on the otherhand have much thinner wall & have
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Reticular connective tissue is shaped to hold blood vessels because of the collagen type III that is in it. It makes it more flexible and able to bend and flex ...
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