Which Were the Important Pilgrimage Routes in Britain and Europe?


Some of the important pilgrimage routes are the route from London to Becket Shrine and the way of St. James in Spain. Thomas Becket's shrine was the main route and the most popular of all and when he died he became very popular receiving many visitors per day to visit his shrine. The oldest pilgrim in Britain is Holywell, in Wales.
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Some of the Pilgrim routes were specific roads that pilgrims travelled on, where the road itself was a thing to experience for religious reasons. The route from London to the Becket
After Becket was killed ,local people apparently managed to obtain pieces of cloth soaked in his blood. Rumours soon spread that when touched by this cloth, people were cured of blindness
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There is a link to a map of important pilgrimage routes in Western Europe below. The map purportedly is for the Way of St. James, but it shows much more. The Way of St. James is thought
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