Who Is Next Is Line to the Throne of England?


As of November 2011, Prince Charles also referred to as the Prince of Wales was next in line for throne of England. He is Queen Elizabeth's eldest son born in 1948. However, he cannot become king unless his mother abdicates, dies or retires.
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Succesion and Precedence of the British Monarchy
Succesion to the British throne is governed by primogenture. Male-preference is no longer applicable to future heirs. Precendence goes to the children of a primary successor prior to going to the siblings of a primary successor.
1st: Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales
2nd: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
3rd: Prince George of Cambridge
4th: Prince Harry of Wales
5th: Prince Andrew, Duke of York
6th: Princess Beatrice of York
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The current heir to the throne of Great Britain is Prince Charles , followed by his sons. Note that thas not been an English throne since the Acts of Union in 1707, whereby the Kingdom
Prince Charles is presently heir to the British throne. He will
Prince Charles is next in line for the throne of England followed by Princes William and Henry.
The children of a member of the Royal Family appear after their parent in the line of succession. This is why Prince Charles is the Heir Apparent, with Prince William and Prince Harry
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The present queen's eldest son - Prince Charles. ...
The present queen's eldest son - Prince Charles. ...
Prince Charles was born November 14, 1948 at the Buckingham Palace in London. He is 60 years old and he is next in line for the thrones of England. Look here for ...
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