Who is the president of Germany?


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After being elected, Gauck was sworn into the position on March 23, 2012, before members of parliament. Gauck is the 11th federal president to move into the position's official residence, the Bellevue Palace. He is a former Lutheran pastor who made a name for himself as an anti-communism activist in East Germany.

In Germany, presidents serve for 5 years and can only be re-elected once; the terms must be served consecutively.

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Horst Köhler. was the President of Germany at the start of 2010. He resigned on May 31 and was replaced by. Christian Wulff. on June 30, whom was president for the rest of the
Germany's chief of state is President Horst Koehler, the head of government
As of 4/28/09, Horst Koehler is the most recent President of Germany. Angela Merkel is his Chancellor.
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