Who Is the President of Germany?


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Leaders of Germany
Chief: President Joachim Gauck
Head: Chancellor Angela Merkel
The parliament has one chamber: the Bundestag, elected for a four-year term. the Bundesrat, or Federal Council, represents the regions and is not considered a chamber as its members are not elected.
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The current German President is Christian Wulff. He replaced former President Horst Köhler who quit unexpectedly in May 2010. His role is largely ceremonial while the Chancellor heads the executive branch of the federal government.
Germany has no president currently since the resignation of president Horst Köhler on May 31. The acting head of state is Jens Böhrnsen.
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The current president of Germany is Horst Kohler and the Chancellor is Angela Merkel. Horst Kohler is a member of the Christian Democratic Union and assumed office on July 1, 2004.
Horst Köhler is Germany's current president. He was elected in 2004 and re-elected in 2009.
Karl Carstens (14 December 1914 - 30 May 1992) was a German politician. He
As of 4/28/09, Horst Koehler is the most recent President of Germany. Angela Merkel is his Chancellor.
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The current president of Germany is Christian Wulff. He was elected in 2010 as the tenth President of the Federal Republic of Germany. He was born on 19th June ...
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