Who Is the President of Morocco?


The current monarch in Morocco is King Mohammed VI, he ascended the throne on 23rd July 1999. Morocco is believed to be ruled by a constitutional monarchic system of governance and the position of Morocco President is held by the King himself.
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Leaders of Morocco
Chief: King Mohammed Vi
Head: Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane
The Assembly of Representatives has 325 members elected for a five-year term. The Assembly of Councillors has 270 members elected, for a nine-year term, by local councils (162 seats), professional chambers (91 seats) and wage-earners (27 seats).
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Morocco is a kingdom, and therefore it has a king. His name is Mohamed VI.
His name is Mohamed VI.cha cha on
A constitutional monarchy, Morocco is governed under the constitution of 1972 as amended. The king, who is the head of state, holds effective power and appoints the prime minister
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