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Nikolaus Karpf improved and perfected the Linhof's camera to come up with the legendary Technika, a name composed of the German words Technische Kamera. In 1936 Technika production started in two versions 6 x 9 cm and 9 x 12 cm commenced. Technika is a professional camera systems company made in Munich.
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Technical is a brand of different electronic products made by UMC which is a Slovakian company for Tesco Supermarkets.
Technika means technology in some Slavic languages. Technika may refer to: a brand of electronic products from Tesco, or a publishing house of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
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The TECHNIKA IV 4X5 CAMERA was the LINHOF version of the 4x5 speed graphic ... but that was long ago. I looked up the various Technika digital cameras and found that none of them
Tesco buy large quantities of television from a manufacturer and stick it as their own brand, Technika. Manufacturer details not provided.
The remote that came with the unit has a ROM (Read Only Memory) that does not expire when batteries are removed. Just place fresh batteries in the remote, and carry on. If it is a
You may have a problem. Often companies (for example phillips) make a tv chassis which is sold to other companies who put it in their own cabinet and put their own name! Ask at your
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Universal Media Corporation (UMC) is the company that makes Technika TVs for Tesco. It is a multi-national company base that has been operating since the year ...
Technika LCD TVs are made by a Slovakian Company called UMC. Some of the brands they make are: Technika 19-208W, Technika 18.5 and Technika 23-231B. They are specially ...
The Technika TVs are made by Tesco. Technika TV brands are cheaper than other models and their chassis is made from plastic. Tesco refers to a global grocery and ...
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