Who Owns Sidewalk in front of House?


Who owns the sidewalk in front of a house can vary. Sometimes, it is part of the house property and owned by the home owner. Other times, it is an easement owned by the municipality the house is located in.
Q&A Related to "Who Owns Sidewalk in front of House?"
you do.
Carol, Typically in a condominium you own the space inside the common walls within your building. Everything else is usually a common area owned by all of the unit owners as tenants
Carol: There are several items to address with the fact pattern that you have presented. First, let your insurance company handle it. That is why you have insurance and that is their
You can request it, but the city has no responsibility to give you one. Our street has a sidewalk on the other side of the road but not our side. Our side was built 40 years ago,
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