What are some sample toasts to the bride?


In a traditional wedding, the order of wedding toasts are father of the bride, groom and best man. The father of the bride welcomes the guests to the reception. He then offers a toast to his daughter. The groom then offers a toast to his bride. Traditionally, the best man toasts the newlyweds. Then, sound the dinner bell, because everyone eats.
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1. Remember that tradition is why you are standing before hundreds of people with a champagne glass in your hand. Ask anyone to remember the toasts to the brides of weddings pasts
Dear Des, Generally at the wedding reception, the father of the bride will give a welcome (if the parents are hosting) and if he wants can incorporate a toast to the bride and groom
Someone once said that being asked to be the best man is a little bit like being asked to kiss the Queen Mother: it's a great honor, but nobody wants to do it! This sentiment is largely
Many reception facilities have
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