Who Was the First Person on a Wheaties Box?


Wheaties has had a long and profitable association with sports, dating back to 1933, when General Mills marketing man Sam Gale was walking outside on a picturesque autumn day and found that most families were inside, listening to the World Series on
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Who Was the First Person on a Wheaties Box?
The Wheaties cereal box is an icon of sports greatness and of American pop culture. Some of the world's finest and most famous athletes have appeared on the distinctive orange box, from immensely popular Olympic champions to longtime pro-sports legends.... More »
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Samantha Gordon, a nine year old football player, she was picked because. the company stated that she was chosen because she is an inspiration to young girls. She is the first female
It was 1925!
The 1st to appear on the front of a Wheaties box was Decathlon gold medalist Bob Richards in 1958.
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The first person to be depicted on the Wheaties Box was the baseball player, Lou Gehrig in 1934. That same year, female aviator Elinor Smith. Since that time 21 ...
The name of the person who was first featured on the Wheaties cereal box who was in a wheelchair was George Murray, he was a paraplegia form the age of 19. ...
The breakfast cereal Wheaties boxes began a common practice from 1934. The boxes include pictures of athletes of slim persons that should coincide with the slogan ...
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