How are odysseu's men turned to pigs?


the circe poisoned the food she gave them with a vile of magic potion.
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Men are depicted as pigs because of a selfish, manipulative, dirty, and sly
( pĭg'mən-tĕr'ē ) adj. Of or relating to a pigment.
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!! Not all men are pigs, and it is extremely rude and unpleasant to call men names. Can we call women bitches, sluts, crows if they commit adultery? I understand
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Circe is the name of the enchantress from Greek mythology that turned men into pigs, but the term swine is most often used in place of pigs. Circe is written about ...
Circe turned 22 of Odysseus crew into pigs, but she may have turned other men into swine as well. ...
Jacob Riis believed that men who lived like pigs could not or did not have the intelligence to vote. Jacob Riis was a Danish American social reformer, journalist ...
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