Why Are Plants Important?


Plants are important because they are responsible for the presence of oxygen, which is a gas that is needed by plants and other organisms to breathe. They are also important since they act as food to animals and human beings.
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Plants provide food, turn carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen, provide habitats or materials for habitats for other organisms, and are used to make medicines and clothing.
Plants are important because they provide us with things that we need to survive. They provide us with food, medicine, oxygen, and many other things that we need. There are many different kinds of plants and each is important in it's own way. You can find more information here: http://www. enviro-explorers. com/wildflowers/importance_of_plants_and_plant_c. htm
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Daylily plants are edible - flowers and all. Flowers produce food for insects, reptiles and mammals, including human beings. Flowers produce nectar for bees and bees pollinate the
They provide plants with nutrients they need.Nutrients is an important condition for plants to photosynthesize in the presence of light energy.
i think it has something to do with the moister in it plants take up water and minerals from the soil.
Root hairs form an important surface over which plants absorb most of their water and nutrients. The cell structure of root hairs exhibits a large surface area to volume ratio. This
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