Why did the Korean War start?


The Korean War seemed to be a war between South Korea and North Korea, because the north wanted to expand beyond its 49 parallel and the south wouldn't hear of it. This was true but really the superpowers (USA and Russia) were just using it as a front to combat each other. USA started the war to undermine Communism and protect the American way of life.
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Korean War (1950-1953)
The Korean War began with a surprise attack June 25, 1950, when eight divisions and an armored brigade (90,000 soldiers) of the North Korean People's Army (NKPA) attacked in three columns across the 38th parallel and invaded the Republic... More »
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Answer North Korea wanted to unify itself with South Korea and create one Korea under a Communist government.
It is a pretty vast topic, but some points from my side about it. When World War II ended, the US occupied the Southern part of the Korean peninsula, while Soviet Russia took
The Korean War began when America intervened in the communist revolution
North Korea invaded the south. The UN sent troops, mostly Americans but also some British, to defend South Korea but they advanced into North Korea as far as the Chinese border which
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