Why Do Bulls Hate Red?


Bulls don't hate red, this is just a common misconception. Bulls and all cattle in common are dichromates, and they can only see in blues and yellows. They only react to movement and not colour.
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Bulls do not hate the color red. In fact, they are colorblind. The movement of the cape is what attracts bulls in bullfighting. Red may have been used to mask the color of blood, but it is now used as a matter of tradition.
Bulls don't hate red - they can't even see red. What they hate is the waving motion of the flags that toreadors use to provoke them to fight.
Bulls don't actually hate the color red because they are green-red colorblind. The thing that angers them in bullfighting is the movement of the cape, not the color.
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The myth that bulls don't like red is a fallacy, it's the movement of a person/object that
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