Why Do Girls Discharge?


Girls usually have vaginal discharge, mostly due to the changing hormone levels in their bodies. The discharge is usually experienced about six months before a girl's first period and its quite normal. The discharge is mostly mucus-like in nature and goes on in some women until menopause.
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Discharge is a normal way by which the body discards fluid and old cells. A discharge is usually said to indicate an infection if it causes itching, swelling or has a bad odour. One therefore needs to seek medical attention in case of an infection shown by these variations of the discharge.
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Prior to menstruation, a girl begins with discharge it's normal. If you have
Not Medical Advice: "Vaginal discharge" is a clear mucus produced by glands in the cervix. Normal vaginal discharge often appears clear, or milky when it dries.
Hello. I get discharge most of the month. It normally starts about 6 days after my period and gets thicker and thicker and then stops about 5 days before my period. It is always clear
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Girls wear panties to protect their clothing from natural discharges and body odor. They also wear panties for modesty and for personal hygiene. Panties keep people ...
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