Why Do People Put Flowers on Graves?


The reason why people put flowers on graves is for decorative purposes. However, the ancient Romans had a custom of laying the ground of the tomb as a garden so that the spirit enjoys itself as it wanders.
Q&A Related to "Why Do People Put Flowers on Graves"
They are put simply for rememberance of that person. It's a great way to let them know you are still thinking of them. Some people say a prayer for the deceased's soul while they
Putting flowers on graves goes all the way back to medieval history. People did it out of respect for the dead.
Mourning the loss of a loved one is a difficult process. Some people find comfort in visiting the gravesite. It is customary to bring flowers to place on the grave when visiting a
the plant that produced the flowers puts the next bloom on the "grave" being the ground beneath the plant.
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