Why Do Solids Have a Definite Shape and Volume?


Solids have a definite shape and volume because they are strongly constructed. The atoms in it are firm and compact. An example of solids are tables, chairs, and books.
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There are intermolecular forces between all molecules in all substances, wheter solid, liquid, or gas. The difference between the three is that in solids the molecules do not possess
Solid is a phase of matter in which particles are very close to each. Solids have definite shape and volume because the kinetic energy of particles of solid is very small. The particles
because the mass is denser and the molecules move slower, so they stick together while a liquid's molecules are moving faster than that of a solid so it has definate volume but no
Gas has no definite volume or shape because its atoms and/or molecules and/or ions that make it up are too spread apart in space. They have little to no interactions with each other
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