Why Do We Need to Study Philippine Literature?


Many students may wonder why they need to study Philippine Literature. Studying literature from any country is important because it gives readers inspiration for a better life and also provides historical knowledge to help people understand the world outside their immediate setting. Philippine literature gives readers knowledge of the country and its culture and traditions, allowing natives and foreigners the ability to understand Philippine history. Most Philippine literature is written in Hispanic, although some is written in English and Spanish as well.
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It is very important the study of Philippine literature because it gives us knowledge where and when it was flourished.
if you are filipino then knowing the country , culture and tradition is very important to who you are.
Literature teaches, "it expands one's sympathy, it complicates one's sense of oneself and
This is the short answer. Our American culture is a diverse mix of many influences, however we all share a common language in our educational setting. It is important to understand
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Philippine literature focuses on the legends of prehistory, and the colonial legacy of the Philippines. The Philippine literature is written in Tagalog, Spanish ...
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