Why Does a Plastic Bag of Water Keep Flies Away?


Flies tend to steer clear of water in clear plastic bags because of their eyesight. A clear plastic bag reflects the sun and because of a flies prismatic eyesight it confuses the fly. It is also believed that the confusion may be down to what the flie sees and instead of a clear bag of water, to the flys eyesight, it's more of a predator such as a spider.
Q&A Related to "Why Does a Plastic Bag of Water Keep Flies Away"
Yes I know why.lol i have asked this at the county extension agency.Flies have hundreds of eyes.and the reflectiveness off of the plastic and water, almost like a prismatic effect
yes a bag of water does keep files away as along as it is a clear bag.
The basic technique for the Ziploc-water-fly-repellent system is to fill the bag half full with plain water. Some people also add pennies to the bag; but the reason why this is believed
Some entomologists think that when the sensitive eyes of a fly
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