Why Does Eating Ice Cream Make You Cough?


Eating ice cream makes you cough because ice cream, or generally anything cold reacts with your saliva to create a thicker secretion, which may irritate your throat and make you cough. Ice cream also causes a dry effect; when you breathe in with a mouthful if ice cream, your lungs may get irritated, which may lead to coughing.
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GET IT ALL OVER YOURSELF. We used to know how to do this really well. But somewhere along the road to adulthood, most of us forgot. Next time you're alone with your ice cream, go
Ice cream reacts with your saliva and creates a thicker more mucousy secretion which can irritate the back of the throat, so then we try to clear our throat and cough. Also people
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Dairy products are a major mucous-producing food for most people. When
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