Why Does Eating Ice Cream Make You Cough?


Eating ice cream makes you cough because ice cream, or generally anything cold reacts with your saliva to create a thicker secretion, which may irritate your throat and make you cough. Ice cream also causes a dry effect; when you breathe in with a mouthful if ice cream, your lungs may get irritated, which may lead to coughing.
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I have never heard of anyone coughing when they eat ice cream. Normally when you cough while eating it means you are eating to fast or the food has gone down the wrong pipe. Maybe
1. Eat ice cream in a cone. Choose the type of cone you wish to have. You can select a cake cone, a sugar cone or a waffle cone. Put a scoop (or two) into the ice cream cone of your
Ice cream reacts with your saliva and creates a thicker more mucousy secretion which can irritate the back of the throat, so then we try to clear our throat and cough. Also people
1 Buy the ice cream. If you're too young to go out and buy some yourself, ask your mom or dad to buy you some. Ad 2 The minute you receive your ice cream cone, quickly lick up any
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Not everyone coughs when they eat ice cream. You make be coughing because of the cold. It might tickle the back of your throat or hurt your lungs a little. ...
You may cough when you eat ice cream due to an allergic reaction from its ingredients or you have a medical condition such as the gastroesophageal reflux disease ...
Ice cream can make you cough since it has a trend to interact with your saliva hence causing a thick mucous on the backside of your throat, which makes you begin ...
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