Why Does My Browser Keep Closing?


You browser keeps closing because it may have a rogue infection that is Redirecting your browser away from what you want to access. There may also be conflicting add-on causing the issue. Try this: Open the browser, select tools; select manage add-ons, from here, try disabling each add-on one by one until the browser becomes stable. That is, disable one, try using the browser. If you still get the error message then enable the last one and disable another until you find the culprit.
Q&A Related to "Why Does My Browser Keep Closing"
One reason might be that your computer clock is wrongly set. Make sure it's syncing to the correct time, or manually set it.
Internet Explorer and many other programs support a feature called add-ons or plug-ins. Add-ons allow software to be inserted into a program to expand its capabilities. Typical add-ons
It sounds like your computer may have some kind of 'bug' or spyware. First off, run Disk Clean-up to clean all of your temporary internet files and additional un-needed crap. Secondly
There could be several reasons for this: 1. Your browser does not save changes in configuration to the hard drive right away, so if it crashes before you have safely exited, it will
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