Why Does My Goldfish Stay at the Top of the Tank?


Your gold fish could be staying at the top of the tank because of a variety of possible reasons. One of these reasons could be that your aquarium lacks sufficient air. Other reasons would be that the substrate in your aquarium is poisoning the water or that your aquarium is not conditioned well enough.
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The reason why goldfish stay at the top of the tan is because they are predisposed in water hence being unable to control their position in water. This may be brought about by an inflammation or malformed bladder among other reasons.
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... sounds like a air bladder infection stop feeding him for awhile, or thaw out a frozen pea and squeeze it out of the skin and feed him. see if that help. Also buy some "melafix
i haf no clue im just bored.
It sounds to me like your goldfish have a
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