Why Does My Goldfish Stay at the Top of the Tank?


Your gold fish could be staying at the top of the tank because of a variety of possible reasons. One of these reasons could be that your aquarium lacks sufficient air. Other reasons would be that the substrate in your aquarium is poisoning the water or that your aquarium is not conditioned well enough.
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The reason why goldfish stay at the top of the tan is because they are predisposed in water hence being unable to control their position in water. This may be brought about by an inflammation or malformed bladder among other reasons.
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A reason for goldfish swimming to the top is the lack of oxygen. Even if the water is perfectly clean, if you put too many fish in a small amount of water, there may be not enough
probably bad water quality, you don't give enough info for any other suggestions.
Eeeyiiikes. Three goldfish in a 5 gallon is bad. Baaad. I don't care how small they are. The smallest you should have started with was a 10 or 15, and they would still outgrow that
Goldfish have a tendency toward getting something called Air
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