Why Does the Fuel Gauge Not Work on My Ford Escort?


The fuel gauge may not work because of a defective dash voltage limiter/regulator or gauge, loss of a ground at the sending unit or because of a break in the wire going to the dash. It may also not work because it is defective or the sending unit is bad.
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check the sending unit with a meter.The owners manual should give speks on what it should read at empty half and full.Hope this helps.
Probably a corroded connection at the tank. Go to a junkyard. But 1 long transmission dip stick. And stick the tank. Cheaper than a repair. And properly used always right.
I would suggest going to a local parts store and having that checked. I know my local Auto Zone helps with this with no
If you find out let me know. That happened to us once last week. As soon as we turned the truck off and turned it back on it went normal again, and hasn't happened since then.
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