Why Does the Fuel Gauge Not Work on My Ford Escort?


The fuel gauge may not work because of a defective dash voltage limiter/regulator or gauge, loss of a ground at the sending unit or because of a break in the wire going to the dash. It may also not work because it is defective or the sending unit is bad.
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have u checked the fuses first. I am having the same problem with mine Im not 100% sure on this but im fixing to change the coil pack on mine I do know for sure it operates the rpm
You may have a bad temperature sending unit. If that switch is defective, you will get a faulty reading. Also check the radiator to see if the coolant is flowing and there is no blockage
Does anybody know the answer to this question? YES I HAVE THE ANSWER.REPLACE THE TEMP GUAGE. ITS NOT AS HARD AS YOU WOULD THINK.ABOUT A 20 MIN. JOB. I tried replacing the temp gauge
The fuel pump and pickup assembly is a lousy design on some of the earlier Escort years. The assembly fits inside the gas tank and the fuel pickup (with attached strainer) is closer
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