Why Is It Important to Follow Policies and Procedures?


Each employee of the firm must be fully informed and formally trained on policies and procedures. He or she must sign off that they are understood because if this is not done, the results will show up as communication breakdowns, loss of control, inferior quality, sub-standard performance levels, increased scrap, insubordination, unwillingness to learn new tasks or lack of responsibility.
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I once was caught not following procedure. I has to type an essay explaing why it is important: Why Following Lab Procedure is Important. Let's say a group of scientists are working
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1) Legality-it ensures that you as staff member are at less risk of being accused of something such as neglectful behaviour or being in abusive situation. 2) Requirement-it is a requirement
FIFO is a method of inventory management, where the business needs to focus on a particular date-associated characteristic of the stock. The characteristic may be financial, or age
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