Why Is It Rude to Wear a Hat Indoors?


Wearing a hat indoors is considered disrespectful because hats were worn outdoors to protect one's head when working from dust and soot and it was seen as a sign that you thought your hosts' house was dirty. It was also seen as a sign that you were in a hurry to leave so you wouldn't even remove your hat. Sikhs and Jews are just two of the many groups that mandate a head covering as a sign of respect for their religion.
Q&A Related to "Why Is It Rude to Wear a Hat Indoors"
Wearing a hat indoors is stupid since their is no sun or bird poop! Wearing a hat indoors is not rude in all cultures.
The notion that wearing a hat indoors is rude dates to the Victorian
Not everything about etiquette is logical, and now that hats are coming back after not being worn for 30 years, I suppose people can't be blamed for not knowing the rules. Still,
As a Texan I have to say this is totally inaccurate. Manners are a big deal in the south, and wearing your hat indoors, unless in an informal setting (at home, or a close friend's
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