Why Is My Cat Being Sick?


It is important to observe your cat for a while to properly determine why your cat is being sick. If the cat seems fine and is sick just the once or keeps retching, it might have eaten something that's gone off. If it's vomiting blood or projectile vomiting, then there is a serious problem with its stomach or intestines. You should take the cat to a vet as soon as possible.
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A cat may fall sick due to eating contaminated material or simply just eating too much. It could also be related to hairballs that come from hair swallowed when they groom. Signs of hairballs are loss of appetite, constipation, retching or diarrhoea.
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With most sick animals it isn't what you feed them but how much water they are consuming. It is common for a sick cat to stop eating much for a couple of days but when they stop drinking
Your cat is sick on purpose! Cats lick themselves a lot and can get stuff in thier throat, so they eat grass so they can sick it up.
While quite rare in cats, heart attacks do happen occasionally in cats, some of which can result in death. "Snycope" is used to describe fainting or collapsing due to an
1 Take care of yourself. Drink fluids, lie down, take medicines, and wash your hands. If you don't, you'll just be sick longer. Ad 2 Consult your doctor for medication, so you can
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A cat may have many symptoms when it is sick. It may not eat, drink, or it may throw up. If you think your cat is sick, take it to the vet for a diagnosis. ...
To know if your cat is sick you will need to check the color of the cat's gums. If they gums are pink or yellow this indicates some sort of sickness. ...
Your cat may begin to vomit or have diarrhea if she is sick. Also, you may notice a change in the energy of your cat. If he or she is meowing more often or their ...
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