Why Is My Computer Running Slow?


Computers run slow due registry problems, as one of the most common reasons. They are accumulated as a result of installing and uninstalling programs which ultimately have a negative effect on the operation of Windows. Other causes include virus, spyware, or hard drive fragmentation.
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If your computer is running slowly, it might be caused by running too many programs at once, not having enough space left on your hard drive, adware, spyware, viruses or other parasite programs.
To fix these problems, try closing some of the running programs, clearing space on your hard drive, defragmenting your hard drive, or installing anti-virus and spyware removal programs.
There are 2 issues that could cause this. The hardware issue that can slow a computer down is that the computer has a slow processor or computer does not have enough RAM or the Hard Drive is too slow or is dying, and the software issues that can slow a computer down are way to many items in your start-up, unnecessary services starting automatically or viruses, spyware, adware, (malware) or security software that uses too much CPU and memory, graphic intensive desktop environment, invalid registry entries, highly fragmented hard drive or outdated drivers and software.
My computer is running slow what steps because several software programs have been installed or uninstalled leaving behind bad files or confusing the software. Hard disk drive is short on available disk space, missing Windows updates outdated drivers, data corruption, corrupt OS. computer is overheating, bad hardware.
A computer can start running slow if, it has so many background programs running that there is not enough main memory to run your main programs,if there is data Corruption, if the hard disk drive is short on available disk space,if the Computer is overheating or if it is issing Windows updates and Outdated drivers.
There are various contributing factors to a computer running slow, but programs running in the background or foreground tend to be a popular cause. In Windows, there are many different processes running on your computer. Mainly, there are system files and there are program files. By using Process Explorer, you can also see what programs using most of the CPU?s are processing. This is another cause for computers being slow because a program is drawing all the attention from the CPU. In order for applications to function properly, highly intensive programs need to be run by them or to be run on a computer with a higher CPU speed. Many graphic applications like Video Editors and Graphics Editors tend to require a lot of processing.
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Your computer might be affected with virus/malware/spyware/trojan. Invest in good antivirus that supports your configuration. Don't install untrusted softwares.
1. Restart your computer. Letting your computer run 24/7 can actually slow it down in the long run. 2. Verify that your operating system is updated. Click "Start" and type
1 Remove Viruses. Viruses are by far one of the most cyber security issues computer systems encounter periodically. One of the common symptoms of a computer virus infection is the
the registry problem can slow down your computer, you can visit this website to fix the corrupt registry. http://www.fixdllexe.com/.
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Some of the reasons why a computer runs slow are: start up overload, spyware that has gotten itself into one's software, a corrupted or bloated registry, poor ...
Your computer could be running slow due to many reasons. Some of the things that you can do to try and speed it up is to clear you cache, empty temp files, defrag ...
Your computer could be running slow due to many reasons. Some of the things that you can do to try and speed it up is to clear you cache, empty temp files, defrag ...
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