Why Is My Lawnmower Smoking?


There are a number of reasons that could be making your lawnmower to smoke. It could be smoking because the fuel inside the cylinder is burning too hot. When muffler traps carbon deposits, they reignite and start burning causing your lawnmower to smoke.
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White smoke coming out the exhaust of a lawn mower is not an uncommon problem. While it sometimes indicates a worn-out engine, more often the issue is simpler. If your lawn mower
Lawn morwer white smoke when starting and again when turning it off. Does this hurt it. Do i need oil.
All lawn mowers smoke a little, but generally it is due to wear in the valve guides, valves, worn cylinder bores or broken piston rings, to blocked air filter, or, too much oil in
Lawn mower troubleshooting: If the
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