How important is population control?


It is very important. if not checked, slums can develop and there will be many diseases. Hygienic conditions would be very poor and the drainage system will be bad. Clogging and flooding would be frequent. You can imagine the scene.
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Self control is important because if you can't control yourself as an adult, someone will have to control you for you. Without self control, it is difficult not to eat yourself into
1. Cover any perch-able surfaces, such as windowsills, store signs and overhangs, with plastic spikes, available at most hardware stores or on-line at or
I guess it depends on what you mean by population control. We already have plenty of methods of allowing people to choose whether or not they have children, though some parts of the
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China is densely populated because in the early 1950s there was insufficient awareness of the importance of population growth control. The population then grew ...
Population control refers to a government plan that is aimed at controlling the rate of population growth in a geographical region. Some of the methods of population ...
Snow leopards are important for their environment, since they control the population of herbivore's, which are their main prey. Snow Leopards live in high, rugged ...
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