Why Is the Number Seven so Lucky?


There are many theories associated with the number 7 being lucky. Christians believe that it is a lucky number because after creation, God rested on the 7th day. Islam teaches seven heavens and seven articles of faith. In Japan there are seven gods, seven bushido and seven samurai.
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Number seven is said to be so lucky because people believe that Joshua circled the army around the city walls for seven days. He was accompanied by seven priests who had seven trumpets and this led to the collapse of walls. The wall depicted injustices and lies so it had to fall.
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Believing they were part of a greater order, ancient astronomers interpreted the seven visible celestial bodies as deities who influenced and controlled every aspect of their lives.
The number seven is the Number that God chose to represent completeness. Seven means that something is whole, full complete or perfect in some cases. Biblical text says it took God
Seven is a lucky number not only because Seven Lucky Gods exist in
"Seven" is also the only two-syllable number from 1-10. Kids form their favorite numbers somewhere around the time they learned how to count on their fingers, meaning up
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