Why Is the Size More Accurate in a Negative Stain Than in a Simple Stain?


The size is more accurate in a negative stain than in simple stain because negative stain only stains the background of the cell; it leaves the object unstained and unchanged. Negative staining is done by using a drop of blank ink called Nigrosin. It is also useful in clearly showing the morphology of a cell.
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since you do not heat fix the slide when you use a negative stain the cells do not shrink or become distorted
Negative stain stains the background and leaves the object unstained and unchaged. A simple stain stains the object by permeating it and attaching to its surface, while leaving the
I suppose that is theoretically true, because in a direct stain a layer of dye molecules attaches to the surface of that which is being stained, while in negative staining nothing
Since there is no heat fixing or strong cemicals are used the bacteria are less distorted.
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The negative stain and simple stain have differences. The negative stain colors the background because of the capsule. The simple stain only colors the microorganisms ...
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