Who killed Hypatia of Alexandria?


Believed to have been the reason for the strained relationship between the Imperial Prefect. Orestes. and the Bishop. Cyril. Hypatia attracted the ire of a Christian population eager to see the two reconciled. One day in March 415, [26] during the
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Because they were extremely jealous of her. Crowds of people wanted to see & hear her more then they wanted to go to any church. "A Christian mob of Nitrian monks (led by
because they did not like what she was doing in her teaching.
a mob of christians pushed her down the street and killed her with shingles and burned her when they tore her skin off.
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Hypatia was a female mathematician who lived from approximately 370 to 415 AD. She was killed by an angry mob in 415. The mob was angered because she indentified ...
Hypatia of Alexandria was a Greek philosopher, astronomer and mathematician between 370 and 415. She taught both pagan and Christian young men, but was murdered ...
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